The Truth about Santa Claus: Management Ethics, Volume 2

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Keen, Brian. The Truth about Santa Claus: Management Ethics, Volume 2. The Ethics Institute, 2014.



Santa Claus is one of the most famous persons in the world. Millions of children expect a gift from Santa Claus, and many leave him treats. The real person, Nicholas, is more spectacular than any of the myths about Santa Claus.

Nicholas was the equivalent of what is known today as a CEO. Nicholas was an ethical CEO, who is worth emulating today.

You will read about a real man who lived in an era where the pagan split Roman Empire ended and the enlightened Theanthropic Roman Empire united by Constantine the Great began.

This book can be read by everyone, with special notes and plenty of illustrations for children who want to know about the real Santa Claus.

CEOs will find that Nicholas has things to say to them today about the benefits of being an ethical CEO. Business is attacked because of unethical or wrong ethical standards that executives carry out. This book shows a practical example for CEOs in the 21st century.


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