Toward an Ecclesiology of Racial Reconciliation: A Pentecostal Perspective

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Michel, David. “Toward an Ecclesiology of Racial Reconciliation: A Pentecostal Perspective.” Ann Arbor, MI:Pro Quest LLC 2020



Unlike an established and valuable tradition that investigates the American Azusa Street Mission as an interracial revival, this academic work investigates Azusa as an interracial Pentecostal church, with emphasis on Anglos, Blacks, and Latinos, and then proposes a construct for the church in America combining both doctrine and liturgy based on critiqued insights from Azusa and John Calvin’s notion of sanctification. Critical race theory, ritual theory, intersectionality, and American social history are used to investigate and re-interpret the complex Azusa phenomenon. This dissertation can be downloaded for free or ordered in print forms (ID#27929348) from the publisher website.


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