Trinitarian Theology After Barth

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Habets, Myk and Phillip Tolliday, eds. Trinitarian Theology After Barth. Princeton Theological Monograph Series 148. Eugene, OR: Pickwick Publications, 2011.



The most outstanding Church thinker of the twentieth century is proving to be the most pivotal theological figure of the twenty-first century as well. It is no wonder some have referred to Karl Barth as a ‘Father’ of the Church. Karl Barth is acknowledged as the most influential theologian of the modern era. His work has occasioned appreciation, critique, and rejection; indeed, the appreciation for Barth and the resurgence of his theology in recent years is remarkable. It is now possible for scholars to deliberately work ‘after’ Barth in areas of constructive Trinitarian theology.

This volume draws together scholars whose essays exhibit work ‘after Barth’ in the doctrine of the Trinity and its related themes. Barth’s thought, as evidenced amongst his most expert commentators, allows for a variety of interpretations, the details of which are being hammered out on the pages of academic journals and volumes such as this one. It is this variety of responses to and interpretations of Barth’s theology that gives such vibrancy to the essays in this volume by seasoned Barth scholars and voices new to the conversation.

Contributors include: Ivor J. Davidson, Bruce L. McCormack, John C. McDowell, Paul D. Molnar, Murray A. Rae, and a Foreword by John B. Webster.


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