“Une cécité ordinaire: Analyse narrative de 2 Rois 6.8-23”

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Richelle, Matthieu. “Une cécité ordinaire: Analyse narrative de 2 Rois 6.8-23.” In Théologie Evangélique 10/1 (2011): 1-13.


This article studies the narrative structure of 2 Kgs 6.8-23 as well as some of the literary techniques used in this text. By paying attention to the level of knowledge of the characters, one discovers a stress on the loss of their bearings (except Elisha) ; the blindness of the Aramaean soldiers constitutes a mise en abyme of this disorientation. This leads the reader to interpret as blindness the general ignorance with regard to the powers used by God in favour of his servants. At the same time, some subtle asymmetries suggest that in the case of Elisha’s servant, it is an ordinary form of blindness which is highlighted by the narrator. Therefore, his strategy seems to consist in pointing out the blind spot of a spirituality which would forget the very existence of the invisible realities.


Faculté Libre de Théologie Evangélique (Vaux-sur-Seine) (website: http://www.flte.fr/spip.php?article23)

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