Visual Outline Charts of the New Testament

Bibliographic information:

Bashoor, Michael Scott. Visual Outline Charts of the New Testament. Nashville: B&H Academic Digital, 2016.


Visual Outline Charts of the New Testament (VOCNT) consists of seventy full-page, full-color displays of the structure and content of each New Testament book. Each chart uses gradations of colors to guide the eye from major headings of the book into detailed subsections. Each book is covered by one overview chart, and larger books are detailed with follow-up charts. The appendix contains three charts on canonical order and chronology. Each lead chart contains a proposed purpose statement of the book and vital information such as authorship, date, recipients, and/or special circumstances.

Created originally for church laity education, VOCNT was significantly enlarged and enhanced for use in the seminary classroom.

VOCNT has been prepared for use in WORDsearch Bible software.


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