Where Is Your Allegiance? The Message to the Seven Churches

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Himes, Paul A. Where Is Your Allegiance? The Message to the Seven Churches. (Gonzalez, FL: Energion) 2017.


Lay persons in the church might be forgiven for imagining that the book of Revelation cannot be understood. There are many different interpretive schemes proposed, and hundreds of variations within those schemes.
But the reader who is willing to spend the time will find real treasures in the study of this book, and Paul Himes has provided an excellent guide to some of the most important passages, as he looks at the messages to the seven churches, and even more importantly at the One who is sending those messages, based on the vision in the first chapter and the ways in which the churches are addressed.
Paul Himes provides key background information and then takes a serious look at the details of the text, but he does so in a way that is clear and that points the reader to ways of approaching the text more seriously on his or her own. For those who want to follow the trail further, the footnotes are extensive.
Since, as the author tells us on page 5, ..”. one cannot begin to grapple with the eschatology of Revelation until one has submitted to the Christology of Revelation” this book provides an excellent point of entry for someone who wants to take a new and refreshing look at this important book. Here one can study the Christ of revelation (Christology), the church He ordained (ecclesiology), and go from there to the purpose and destination He has for that church (eschatology).


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