Why the Church Needs Bioethics

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Kilner, John F., ed. Why the Church Needs Bioethics. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2011.


The Church has ample resources for undertanding and engaging today’s crucial challenges to human life, health, and dignity–and a stellar multi-disciplinary team explains what those resources are via discussions of rich case studies.

Introduction: Wisdom for Life’s Challenges (John F. Kilner)

Part I: Better Birth

Case Study: Having a Baby the New-Fashioned Way

Chapter 1: Wisdom from the Old Testament (Richard E. Averbeck)

Chapter 2: Wisdom from Business (Scott B. Rae and Helen Eckmann)

Chapter 3: Wisdom from Counseling (Stephen P. Greggo and Miriam Stark Parent)

Chapter 4: Bioethics and a Better Birth (John F. Kilner)

Part II: Better Life

Case Study: Gaining Every Advantage (Enhancing Human Capacities)

Chapter 5: Wisdom from Theology (Kevin J. Vanhoozer)

Chapter 6: Wisdom from Law (Paige Comstock Cunningham)

Chapter 7: Wisdom from Intercultural Ministry (Harold A. Netland, Bruce L. Fields,
and Elizabeth Y. Sung)

Chapter 8: Bioethics and a Better Life (William P. Cheshire)

Part III: Better Death

Case Study: A Difficult Death

Chapter 9: Wisdom from the New Testament (D. A. Carson)

Chapter 10: Wisdom from Health Care (Robert D. Orr and Susan Salladay)

Chapter 11: Wisdom from Pastoral Care (Steven C. Roy)

Chapter 12: Bioethics and a Better Death (John T. Dunlop)

Part IV: Better Learning

Chapter 13: Wisdom from Preaching (Greg R. Scharf)

Chapter 14: Wisdom from Education (Miriam L. Charter)

Conclusion: Connecting the Church and Bioethics (John F. Kilner)


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