Entering Your Publications in the ETS Member Publications Listing

Key Changes to the Member Publications Listing

Forthcoming Items
Now that the list is “live” and not limited to an annual publication, we will not be posting forthcoming items. Instead, new publications should be entered when they are published. Journal articles should not be entered until volume and page numbers are available.

Past Publications
The Member Publication listing is only for new publications (published within the last year). Items published in prior years are not eligible for posting.

Publication Formatting
Formatting of publication information should conform to the JETS stylesheet which is based on the Chicago Manual of Style (14th edition).

Types of Publications
The Member Publication listing will focus on scholarly pieces including: books, monographs, journal articles, articles in reference works, book chapters, etc. The listing will not typically include book reviews, interviews, newspaper articles, websites, web articles, or blog postings. Publications should be in biblical studies, theology, biblical languages, or related disciplines. If you have questions about an item you would like to include in the listing, please click here to contact us.

Current Members
The Member Publication listing is only available to current members. To enter your publication you must be login to the site and your membership must be current.

Entering Your Publications

Publications will be entered and posted individually. After you submit a publication, it will go to an administrative queue for review. If there are any questions regarding the submission a member of the staff will contact you. Once the review process is complete, the publication listing will be published. Below are step by step instructions for entering your publication data.

  1. Title

  2. Special formatting (e.g. italics, bold, etc.) is not allowed in the title field. Greek and Hebrew are fully supported in the title field.

  3. Bibliographic Information

  4. Enter the full information for the publication as it would be found in a bibliography. For any text that should be in italics, put “em” inside <> before the text and “/em” inside <> after the text. Hebrew and Greek and fully supported. Other special formatting (bold, etc.) should be avoided.

  5. Role

  6. From the drop down list, select the appropriate role listing (author, co-author, etc.).

  7. Publication Type

  8. From the drop down list, select the appropriate publication type (book, article, chapter, etc.)

  9. Publication Subject

  10. You must select at least one subject listing for your publication. You may select up to three. To select multiple subjects, click the first subject and then while holding down the CTRL (Windows) or Command (Mac) key, click the other subject(s).

  11. Description

  12. The description field is designed to present either an abstract or other concise summary of the work. The description should be 400 words or less.

  13. Publisher

  14. Enter the publisher’s name. Remember if, the work is with a particular imprint of a publisher to use the imprint name.

  15. Publisher website

  16. Enter either a specific link to your publication or a general link to the publisher’s site. This will allow list users to go straight from reading about your new work to the publisher site where they can find out or more or potentially purchase a copy.

  17. Saving Your Submission

  18. You will not be able to edit your submission. Please proof the entry and make sure that it is correct before saving. Once the entry has been edited, you must click the save button at the bottom of the screen to submit your publication for review. After clicking save a message will appear at the top of the page indicating that the publication has been created. This will place your entry in the administrative queue for review.

Getting Started

To enter a publication, click here or select the Enter a new publication link in the Member Publications menu.