Annual Meeting Recording Program

The Program

The Society, through a variety of partners, has recorded the annual meeting sessions for many years. This originated out of the desire to create an archival record of the meetings and to provide a means for members and others who are not able to attend to gain access to the excellent scholarship presented at the meetings. ETS currently partners with WordMp3 to record the Annual Meeting sessions.

The Recording Library

Throughout the years, the overwhelming majority of presenters and panelists have participated in the ETS Annual Meeting Recording Library by allowing their participation to be made available for purchase through our recording partner. This service allows attendees to hear sessions that they were unable to attend and it provides a great benefit to members and others who are not able to attend the meeting in a given year.

Presenters and panelists who do not want to have their participation included in the library can opt out through a simple email request.

The Recording Rights

By including a presentation in the recording library, the presenter grants WordMp3 a non-exclusive right to publish the presentation in the ETS recording library. The presenter retains the copyright to the content and this non-exclusive right does not preclude publication in other venues. The right only grants WordMp3 the ownership of the audio copy created, not the presenter’s work.

Presenters may obtain a free audio copy from