Section Renewal Application

Sections are approved for a six-year term.

During the last year of the Sections 6 year term the steering committee will choose one of these options:

  • Apply to continue as a Section
  • Disband. If no application is received, this option will be assumed

The Committee is looking at these basic criteria for renewal:

  • The Program: All sessions are held and well composed with good participant variety
  • The Steering Committee: Varied composition of perspectives where the majority actively participated in session planning
  • Open Session Management: Steering Committee involvement in rating and selecting papers in the Section queue.
  • The Logistics: Session information submitted on time and complete; excellent communication (clear, timely, proactive); represented at the PUC breakfast
  • The Community: Unique contribution to the program with clear differences from other Program Units

If you wish to apply for renewal, you must submit this application by September 30th of the last year of your term.

Section Renewal Application
Current Chair
Current Chair