Are You an ETS Member and Not Receiving Emails?

Dear Members,

If you have not received ETS emails over the past weeks, months, even years, you may have an old (or bad) email address on file, or you may have unsubscribed from an email that came from ETS in the past. Whether intentional or not, that would prevent you from receiving announcements about paper proposals in the spring, conference registration and information (including special events), new books and specials from publishers, and any other email that ETS sends out.

If you have received an ETS email in the past few weeks, then you are on the email list. If you have not been receiving ETS emails, you can try one of the following:

1. If you can find an old email from ETS, you can click on “update profile” at the bottom of the email and change your settings to be put back on our email list. It may be under “manage my preferences” or something similar.

2. If you cannot find an old email from ETS, you may need to provide a different email address in your profile. You can either change your email address yourself by logging into your account, or contact us at for assistance. If you are not certain, feel free to contact us.

*Email is our primary means of communicating with ETS members, and we want to be sure we are able to reach you with news about proposals, registration, and conference information, as well as any other important ETS business.