Faith and Flourishing Call For Papers

On behalf of Darrell Bock, Jonathan Pennington, Scott Rae, Richard Mouw and the other members of our Founding Editorial Board, I would like to share with you the call for papers of a new peer-reviewed journal of theology for the life of the world: The Faith & Flourishing: A Journal of Karam Fellowship.

We seek both original scholarly work and informed scholarly reflection that applies theological knowledge to understand and cultivate authentic flourishing of human beings and the whole creation.

Our 2022 issue, which has just been published, includes articles and essays on:

  • The importance of pursuing flourishing in ordinary relationships and experiences, as opposed to the narcissism of the modern “cult of the extraordinary”
  • How scholars can address flourishing well under the intense pressures of political polarization
  • Strengths and weaknesses in Kathryn Tanner’s theology of economics
  • The tension between the spiritual equality of all vocations and the special relationship that some vocations have to God’s working of redemptive grace
  • The emergence of virtue as a central concern in evangelical ethics, theology and biblical studies
  • How contemporary film reflects on the human condition in theologically significant ways

We are seeking submissions on any and all topics related to the flourishing of God’s created order. Check out our website for more information and see our call for papers for details on our publication criteria and the submissions process.

Thank you for considering F&F!

Greg Forster, Ph.D.