Information on Bylaws Amendments at the 2022 ETS business meeting

ETS Full Members,

The following is information regarding the amendments to the ETS Bylaws that will be voted on at the 2022 business meeting in Denver on Thursday, November 17.

As you recall, 15 amendments proposed by the Executive Director and approved by the Board were read at the 2021 business meeting in Forth Worth. The amendments seek to bring our bylaws in line with our existing practices and procedures, to clarify policies, and to update the language of our bylaws.

In keeping with ETS procedures, having read the amendments during the 2021 business meeting, the discussion and vote on the amendments will take place during the 2022 business meeting. Below you will find relevant documents.

Please note that the Board will be offering a forum to give you the opportunity ask questions about the amendments. Note these times:

Tuesday, November 15, 2022, 12:15 – 1:15: Session with the Board for full members to ask questions about the amendments

Thursday, November 17, 2022, 9:30 – Noon: ETS Business meeting, including a vote on the amendments

These meetings will take place in the Plenary Hall, Plaza Building, Concourse Level, Plaza Ballroom.

You will notice that we have expanded the business session, blocking out time in our schedule from 9:30 – noon. The vote on the amendments will take place after our regular business. We do not anticipate that we will need all of the time allotted, but we wanted to make sure that we do not run out of time or encroach on the paper sessions. If we end early, we will enjoy a longer lunch break.

Here are the relevant documents:

ETS Bylaw amendments: These are the bylaw amendments as they were presented and read at the 2021 business meeting. In this attachments, you see the change made to the bylaw and below that a comparison of the current wording and the wording after the amendment.

ETS Bylaw amendments format 2: This is a reader friendly form of the bylaw amendments. In this version, you can see the current wording, the wording after the amendment, and the rationale for the amendment.

NOTE: Regarding Amendment 12, pertaining to the office of ETS Secretary, there was some concern expressed that the Secretary is appointed by the Board and is a voting member of the Board. The Board considered that feedback and will be offering to amend Amendment 12, in order to make the Secretary a nonvoting member of the Board. Please see the above documents for the specific wording.

For your convenience, below you will find the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws (2021), which contain the articles from the ETS Constitution and Bylaws and additional bylaws required for incorporation.** These can also be found on the ETS website here. There is also a document that was shared with you last year, which points out where the articles from the ETS Consitution and Bylaws documents are found in the ETS Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

ETS Articles of Incorporation (2021)

ETS Bylaws (2021)

ETS Constitution and Bylaws (prior to 2021) Location Table

* Remember that only current Full Members are eligible to vote. If your membership has lapsed and you desire to renew, you can renew online here.

** As indicated last year, during the process of incorporation we filed Articles of Incorporation and we combined the ETS Constitution and Bylaws into a single set of bylaws. In this new format, all of the articles from the ETS Constitution and Bylaws have been retained, and bylaws have been added that outline procedures and information required of corporations (such as location of offices, information on membership and board meetings, indemnification, and general provisions).