Email Service Request

The ETS Email Advertiser Service is limited to publisher announcements regarding

  • new publications
  • sales
  • catalogs
  • samples
  • publication opportunities.

This request form and the HTML files should be

  • submitted at least 10 business days in advance of the release date. (The form may be placed further in advance, but the HTML files must be submitted at least 10 days before the requested release date.)
  • Please note that additional time is needed for emails intended for release between Nov 1 and Dec 15 due to our annual meeting. For email release during this time frame, the HTML file must be received by Oct 15.

Send the formatted HTML email files to HTML is the preferred format. Images may be hosted on your site or on the ETS site.  

The advertiser email message must include the following text at the bottom of the html email page 

“You have received this message as a part of your membership with the Evangelical Theological Society. To opt out of ETS Advertiser Emails, please click on the Manage Your Subscription link below and uncheck the ETS Advertiser Email Service Box.”

If this message is not included in the file we receive it may be returned for correction.

Email Specifications

The overall message width is limited to 600 pixels. The service doesn’t express a maximum size. However, larger image sizes will slow down the email load time when users open the email which will reduce the number of views of the message in its entirety. We recommend that the total file size not exceed 25 MB.

ETS reserves the right to reject requests that are out of harmony with the purpose and doctrinal basis of the Society.

Once your request has been processed you will be invoiced.

Please complete the following information to request the ETS email service

Email Service Request