The Forgotten Samuel Stillman: The “Baptist Bishop of New England”

Charles Spurgeon once prayed that God would give more “men fit to mark eras” (MTP 20:751). In restless colonial America, perhaps no man marked the era among Baptists more than the Rev. Dr. Samuel Stillman, pastor of First Baptist Boston from 1765–1807. He was widely recognized as the most famous preacher in Boston, having the … Read more

Trans-Atlantic Baptist Antimissionism: A Comparison

In Baptists Through the Centuries: A History of a Global People, David Bebbington argues that “the existence of a parallel schism in England” confirms “that theological issues were central” within American Baptist antimissionism and identifies theological conviction as the “mainspring” of this opposition to missions. However, while theological concerns must never be discounted, populism and … Read more

Saint Augustine: Participation In Tractatūs in Joannis Euangelium

The purpose of this paper is to argue that Augustine, prior to his reprimand of Coelestius for his interpretation of 2 Peter 1:4, had developed within his Tractates in John’s Gospel a doctrine of participation that was scripturally based and Christ-initiated, not self-willed on the part of man. Augustine’s understanding of participation had a strong … Read more


This paper will examine John Calvin’s paterology, particularly as it relates to salvation, and will consider the work of the Father in two parts. First, Calvin’s understanding of the inseparable operations of the Triune Godhead, and then, Calvin’s writings on the works that can be particularly appropriated by the Father. During the course of his … Read more

“The Path of Salvation”: Penance in Tertullian’s Disciplinary Theology

Tertullian’s ethical (disciplinary) theology has been pegged as “radically eschatological” (Sider, 1982), specifically in regard to the motives pushing his disciplinary system. In fact, one commentator has claimed that “fear [of eternal punishment] and [selfish] hope [of eternal reward] are the only two motives that really matter” to the flamboyant Carthaginian (Rambaux, 1979). More recently, … Read more