Dispensationalism and the Covenant of Redemption

While it might sound surprising today, many of the 1900’s dispensationalists held to some form of the covenant of redemption. Those such as Dwight Pentecost, Lewis Sperry Chafer, R. W. Newell, and John Walvoord all argued for the utility of what is often called the pactum salutis. They were not turned away by its link … Read more

The Sons of God Motif in Light of Recent Canon-wide Biblical Theologies

Overview of Argumentation Seven canon-wide biblical theologies have emerged within the field of contemporary biblical theological scholarship, with each contending for a certain center or major theme of the Christian Bible (see T. Desmond Alexander and Simon J. Gathercole, eds., Heaven on Earth: The Temple in Biblical Theology (Carlisle, England: Paternoster, 2004); Walter C. Kaiser … Read more

The Nazirite Forerunner and Birth From Barrenness: Typology or Narrative Analogy?

Robert Alter, in his The Art of Biblical Narrative, argued that “narrative analogy” is an instance in which “one part of the text provides oblique commentary on another” and is imperative in biblical interpretation. In his 2015 publication entitled Text and Subtext: On Exploring Biblical Narrative Design, Jonathan Grossman defined narrative analogy as follows: “An … Read more