A Canonical Exegesis of Psalm 132

Since Gerald H. Wilson’s landmark work on The Editing of the Hebrew Psalter was published in 1985, scholars have been divided on how to interpret the appearances of the king in book V (Pss 107–150). Many have supported Wilson’s argument for competing redactional frames between Psalms 1–89 and 90–150, with Psalm 89 representing the apparent … Read more

Risking the Cosmic Order: Echoes of Creation in Psalm 82:5

Psalm 82 has been fraught with interpretive difficulties throughout most of the history of its reception. Most of these difficulties are focused on the gods of the divine council in verses 1 and 6. The psalm has also been a favorite for comfort in knowing that God will bring about ultimate justice. The perennial problem … Read more

Global Nearness through Psalmic Cries: Psalm 145’s Use of Deuteronomy 4:7

This paper proposes that Psalm 145:18 alludes to Deuteronomy 4:7. To date, although some interpreters have noted the two texts as cross-references,[1] seemingly none have proposed that the psalmist alludes to Deuteronomy 4:7. This paper analyzes the lexical and contextual evidence for the allusion before considering its rhetorical role in the psalm.[2] Because of proposals … Read more

The Two Layered Meaning of the Psalms

Biblical authors frequently quote psalms referring to the eschatological king and apply them to the people of God. This paper argues the prophets and apostles do not misappropriate the text in making these applications. Rather, this paper attempts to prove the psalms feature two layers of meaning. The first layer relates to the eschatological king. … Read more

A Little Lower than Elohim? The Exaltation of Humanity in Psalm 8

The meaning of Psalm 8:6 has long exercised interpreters. Much attention has focused on the meaning of אלהים, with some rendering it as “God” (or “divine”) in reference to the creation of humanity in the imago Dei, and others taking it to mean “angels,” i.e., residents of the celestial realm. The ancient versions witness these … Read more