The Need for ‘Elenctics’ in Cultural Apologetics

Within global evangelicalism the historical discipline within missiology known as ‘elenctics’ (to ‘convict’ or ‘unmask’ sin) deserves to be revived and reflected upon in the apologetic and missionary task both in Western and non-Western contexts. While mentioned favourably by the likes of John Stott and David Hesselgrave, elenctics’ champion has been the twentieth century Dutch … Read more

A Global Network of Evangelical Mission Represented in Eighteenth-Century Moravian Art

In his 2007 essay “Slavery, Race, and the Global Fellowship,” Jon Sensbach highlights Johann Valentin Haidt’s renditions of The First Fruits (1740s/1750s). These Moravian paintings celebrated “spiritual multiculturalism with their many-hued gallery of redeemed figures from mission-fields in the Americas, Asia, and Africa, all delighting in God’s bounty.” I will expand Sensbach’s analysis to an … Read more

John Stott’s Contribution to Global Evangelicalism as Observed from the Front Row

With this year’s ETS theme being “Global Evangelicalism,” one cannot discuss the topic without considering the impact of John R. W. Stott (1921-2011). So influential was Stott on the evangelical world stage that IVP’s five-volume series “A History of Evangelicalism” entitles the final volume about the second half of the twentieth century, The Global Diffusion … Read more

British Evangelicals and the Renewal of American Evangelical Identity: 1846-present

Critics frequently take for granted that evangelicalism is a fundamentally American movement. Scholars of evangelicalism rebut this claim with reference to the importance of British evangelicalism, continental Pietism, and now global evangelicalism. A deeper exploration of the term, I argue in this paper, reveals that “evangelicalism” that has been more continuously grounded in Britain than … Read more

Limited Atonement and Global Evangelicalism: A Reinterpretation of the Marrow Controversy

The Marrow Controversy (1717–1723) was a significant Scottish ecclesiastical dispute regarding the book “The Marrow of Modern Divinity.” During the controversy, Thomas Boston of Ettrick and Principal Hadow of St Mary’s College and their associates hotly debated the issues of assurance, legalism, antinomianism, and the nature and offer of the gospel. A central contention was … Read more