Global Evangelicalism and the Humanity of Embryonic Children

The pro-life movement has consistently held that “life begins at conception.” In the post-Dobbs era, special medical attention has now shifted to the status of the embryo. Inevitably, the global community is looking to evangelicalism for its position on the personhood of embryonic human individuals. The search for a theological determination is not only inevitable … Read more

Letting Go of Two Lives: How Somali Muslims Become Evangelical Christians in Europe

Christians are a stigmatized and vulnerable segment of Somali society in the Horn of Africa. They constitute one of the world’s least studied religious minorities and one of the most persecuted. In the 2024 annual ranking by the aid organization Open Doors—which identifies countries where Christians face the most intense persecution—Somalia ranks second globally and … Read more

Why Global Evangelicalism Needs the Catholic Church

It seems counter-intuitive to assert that global evangelicalism needs the Catholic Church. Yet, it is a most reasonable proposition. Reading the many fine histories of global evangelicalism is reminiscent of tracking a nomadic tribe. Our group has no home. We are usually identified by our distinct “markers” carved along the trail over time, or we … Read more

A Theological Perspective on Trauma and Global Evangelicalism

As sojourners in a fallen world, life includes suffering, pain, and perhaps trauma. This paper focuses on a theological perspective of trauma for the purpose of caring for people holistically, both physically and spiritually. Indeed, God created human beings as embodied souls; both body and soul are important. Trauma research emphasizes the physical aspect of … Read more

Am I My Brother’s Keeper: On Discipling the Illegal Evangelical

Illegal immigration is one of the most pressing ethical issues facing American Evangelicals today. Over the last decade, millions have unlawfully made their way into the United States, with many of these illegal immigrants fleeing poverty, famine, and danger. Culturally, the response from American Evangelicals has been inconsistent and divisive. However, many of these illegal … Read more

Implementing Seven Pillars of Discipleship as a Guide for Global Evangelicalism

This paper seeks to present the case for global evangelicalism in the context of discipleship for the equipping of the laity in the local church context. It holds that discipleship and apologetics are two interwoven concepts which builds a solid foundation for global evangelicalism. Both concepts are being used uniquely and specifically in the context … Read more

The Underground Church: Strategies and Challenges in Global Evangelism

The underground church, a covert community of believers living out their faith under oppressive regimes, offers an intriguing and complex model for examination within global evangelism. Even in the face of great obstacles, the underground church continues to share the gospel, frequently by utilizing innovative strategies and displaying remarkable resilience. This proposed paper aims to … Read more