Allusion or Illusion in John 20:19-23?

4-1-24 Andrew Carr Thesis: This research paper will seek to establish via methodological rigor that there is an allusion to Genesis 2:7 and Ezekiel 37:9 in John 20:19-23(the emphasis will be upon Ezek 37:9), and that an awareness of these allusions helps to clarify the Christological and missional focus of this passage. Johannine scholars have … Read more

Exercising Exorcism in Ethnodoxology

As a relatively young field, ethnodoxology has opportunities to mature. This paper will help address two gaps in ethnodoxology: 1) A focus on music and the arts (partly as a result of the early influence of ethnomucians; cf. Aniol) and comparative neglect of historic Protestant worship such as baptism, Eucharist, preaching, and prayer (compare the … Read more

The Rise and Fall of Jeroboam

Jeroboam, son of Nebat, holds a prominent place in ancient Israelite history as the inaugural king of the Northern kingdom (922–901 B.C.E.). His life is a tale of ascension from a background in Solomon’s royal administration to rebellion against Solomon’s policies and eventual exile in Egypt. Following Solomon’s death, Jeroboam returned to his homeland and … Read more

Persecution, Perseverance and the Mission of the Church in Hebrews

The church’s missionary task often happens in the context of suffering and persecution. As the church proclaims and disseminates the good news, there will be an inevitable backlash of every sort. Sometimes, the church perseveres and overcomes the reality and threat of persecution. At other times, the church succumbs to the sufferings and persecutions she … Read more

Gender as Love and Trans* Formation: An International Inquiry

Fellipe do Vale’s book Gender as Love: A Theological Account of Human Identity, Embodied Desire, and Our Social Worlds (Baker Academic, 2023) offers a timely and sophisticated theology of gender from an international evangelical perspective. While his work has several merits, recurring throughout it are do Vale’s suggestions of transgender-affirming accommodations to his proposal. This … Read more