The Necessity of Work for Spiritual Formation

In Genesis 2:15, Scripture tells us that God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it. This is a vital part of understanding that we were created by God to be people who work. The Fall of humanity had not occurred yet, and still God desired … Read more

What is the gospel? A biblical-confessional approach

Clarity about the gospel is a crucial issue for evangelicalism, and it has been a point of considerable dispute in recent decades. This paper will argue that clarifying the content and nature of the gospel is properly a systematic theological or dogmatic question. It is not resolved simply by examining the New Testament use of … Read more

Am I My Brother’s Keeper: On Discipling the Illegal Evangelical

Illegal immigration is one of the most pressing ethical issues facing American Evangelicals today. Over the last decade, millions have unlawfully made their way into the United States, with many of these illegal immigrants fleeing poverty, famine, and danger. Culturally, the response from American Evangelicals has been inconsistent and divisive. However, many of these illegal … Read more

The Way of Eminence and Negation: a New Path to Anthropology

In a Babel-like age in which man increasingly seeks to decrease the gap between man and God, there is a need for evangelical theologians to defend and define a biblical understanding of man’s existence and limitations. In theology proper, many theologians have used the way of eminence and the way of negation as a way … Read more

Isaac Typology in John 3:16- Comparing Jesus to Isaac

Is John presenting Jesus as a type of Isaac in 3:16? Scholars have been divided on this question, offering a wide range of answers. Michael Theobald argues that the Gospel of John simply does not speak of Isaac. Others acknowledge possible or implicit Isaacian allusions (e.g., Barnabas Lindars; Raymond Brown), while Craig Keener warns against … Read more

Implementing Seven Pillars of Discipleship as a Guide for Global Evangelicalism

This paper seeks to present the case for global evangelicalism in the context of discipleship for the equipping of the laity in the local church context. It holds that discipleship and apologetics are two interwoven concepts which builds a solid foundation for global evangelicalism. Both concepts are being used uniquely and specifically in the context … Read more

The Underground Church: Strategies and Challenges in Global Evangelism

The underground church, a covert community of believers living out their faith under oppressive regimes, offers an intriguing and complex model for examination within global evangelism. Even in the face of great obstacles, the underground church continues to share the gospel, frequently by utilizing innovative strategies and displaying remarkable resilience. This proposed paper aims to … Read more