Off the Beaten Path: A Festschrift in Honor of Gie Vleugels

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Kok, Jacobus, Martin Webber, Jeremy D. Otten and Mark Paridaens, eds. Off the Beaten Path: A Festschrift in Honor of Gie Vleugels. Beiträge zum Verstehen der Bibel. Zürich: Lit Verlag, 2021.


In this book, the academic colleagues of Prof. Dr. Gie Vleugels, who turned 65 in 2021, celebrate his life by contributing chapters in his honor. Several chapters are innovative in nature, including Clemens Wassermann’s comparative analysis of 1 John and the Fourth Gospel, which utilizes insights from Semitic syntax and shows how spoken Semitic dialects help us to unearth new perspectives on the relationship between John’s Gospel and 1 John. The chapter on the Didache by Martin Webber makes innovative use of Social Identity Complexity Theory. Other contributions come from the fields of New Testament, Old Testament, Historical Theology, and Systematic Theology.


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