A Messianic Commentary: Paul Presents to the Philippians Unity In The Messianic Community

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Emslie, R. Sean. A Messianic Commentary: Paul Presents to the Philippians Unity In The Messianic Community. Clarksville, MD: Lederer Books, 2019.



R. Sean Emslie’s investigation not only broadly avails a host of reputable Jewish and outstanding Christian biblical scholars but offers a keenly diligent analysis and faithfully responsible apostolic viewpoint. Paul’s highest Messianic Christology is combined with the purest expressions of matured Messianic Jewish spiritual devotion.

Emslie’s work on Philippians is a highly useable tool among any responsible teacher’s biblically-based shelf of academic resources. One is struck not only with Emslie’s sound theological scholarship but with his equally outstanding demonstration of fidelity to Jewish apostolic piety. Any Christian pastor, Messianic rabbi, or Bible teacher can greatly benefit from the plumbed depths and profound findings of Emslie’s faithful labor which is fully supported by his genuinely Messianic Jewish biblical scholarship.

Raymond L. Gannon, Ph.D. Messianic Jewish Bible Institute The King’s University

R. Sean Emslie expounds Philippians with the conviction that Paul remained a Torah-observant Jew throughout his life. He does so from the perspective of a Messianic Jew who believes in the authority of the New Testament and the enduring covenantal standing of the Jewish people. His voice, therefore, stands out from the majority of commentators who have read Philippians from quite different viewpoints. The commentary will prove useful within the burgeoning spectrum of Messianic Judaism as it continues to develop its own tools for understanding Scripture. But Christian readers can also benefit from this work, written in a clear prose that renders accessible a new Messianic Jewish understanding of Paul that converges in fascinating ways with the “Paul within Judaism Perspective.”

Dr. Isaac W. Oliver, Associate Professor in Religious Studies, Bradley University


Lederer Books (website: https://messianicjewish.net/bibles-commentaries-new/bible-commentaries/a-messianic-commentary-paul-presents-to-the-philippians-unity-in-the-messianic-community-by-r-sean-emslie.html)

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