Amazing Love! How Can It Be: Studies on Hymns by Charles Wesley

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Najapfour, Brian G. and Chris Fenner, eds. Amazing Love! How Can It Be: Studies on Hymns by Charles Wesley. Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock Publishers, 2020.


The present collection of essays examines specific texts by Charles Wesley in multiple dimensions (theological, poetical, historical, biographical, etc.), demonstrating both the profound nature of the hymns and their continued relevance for Christians today. The discussions are organized by theological/liturgical topics, and each essay treats us to the hymn in its complete original form (noting significant variants as necessary), explains the historical context of its composition, provides a theological interpretation, and relates it to the life and faith of the believer. In the pages of this book, the reader will find both information and inspiration. Scholars of hymnody and of Charles Wesley will appreciate the depth of inquiry in the chapters. Just as importantly, laypersons and hymn lovers (as well as scholars) will find much spiritual benefit from the study of hymns they know and love, as well as texts with which they may be less familiar. This exploration of these profound hymns will surely lead to a deeper understanding of the “amazing love” responsible for changing the course of Charles Wesley’s life, who in turn changed the course of Christian worship. With contributions from: Steve Weaver Jonathan A. Powers Patrick A. Eby Christopher P. McFadden C. Michael Hawn Josh Dear Joe Harrod Paul W. Chilcote Roger D. Duke Michael A.G. Haykin Margaret Garrett Jim Scott Orrick.


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