Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: A Case for Common Sense Christianity

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Siekawitch, Larry. Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: A Case for Common Sense Christianity. Conneaut Lake, PA: Page Publishing, 2020.


Have you ever wondered if there is anything to the concepts of God, religion and miracles? Are you the kind of person that doesn’t just want to stick their head in the sand and be duped by someone who says, “You just need to take a leap in the dark and believe”? I hear you. Or perhaps you are a Christian, but you have some doubts. I want to share the evidence for Christianity in a succinct, readable (with a slight touch of humor) and compelling way using the concept of American jurisprudence, which demands good reasoning but not necessarily 100% proof to make its case; average, common sense people live this way all the time – this book is for them. This book will benefit the average Christian, giving valuable information in a memorable way, so that they can share their faith with confidence. It will also benefit those who don’t know Christ yet, by its brevity, clarity and persuasive nature. I begin talking about common sense using American jurisprudence and the concept of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. I then make a case using common sense to gradually move a person down the line from unbeliever to believer. I first help the atheist see why it is more reasonable to be an agnostic. Then I aid the agnostic in realizing it is more fitting to be a theist (a believer in a supreme being) than to stay agnostic. Next, I assist the theist into embracing Christianity. If there is a God, then it makes sense that He would reveal Himself in such a way that we don’t have to wander in the dark all of our lives. Then, I cover the thorny question of properly interpreting the Bible. I conclude with a satisfying answer to the legitimate question of why an all-powerful and all-loving God would allow so much evil and suffering in the world. Is there evidence for God and Jesus? I think you will be surprised…


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