God the Leader: A Journey Through the Old Testament

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Rochester, Kathleen M. God the Leader: A Journey Through the Old Testament. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, 2020.



What kind of a leader is God, especially the God of the Old Testament? Is he a benevolent Santa Claus? Or is he really a narcissist? Is his leadership centered on law enforcement? Or is his priority focused on relationships? Is his interest in nations and systems? Or is he personally alongside the mistreated and oppressed? Is he a leader of armies? Or is he a leader of peace?

All of us are engaged in some kind of leadership, whether it’s in the family, at work, in worship or in politics. Our image of God as Leader is highly likely to influence how we act when we are leaders. This book assists us in observing God’s leadership through the varied contours of the Old Testament journey.

If we allow our image of God the Leader to become clearer, our understanding to become deeper, and our misconceptions (we all have them!) to become modified, our own leadership just might be a little transformed for the better.
The book includes questions for reflection and/or discussion.


Wipf and Stock (website: https://wipfandstock.com/god-the-leader.html)

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