“Let’s Get Biblical: Moving From Scripture to Theology Concerning Racial Reconciliation”

Bibliographic information:

Caneday, Ardel. “Let’s Get Biblical: Moving From Scripture to Theology Concerning Racial Reconciliation,” Fidelity: Ethics in Unethical Times (Mount Hermon, CA: Center for Cultural Leadership, 2010): 201-235



As evangelical leaders, whether in the church or academia or market place, accommodate culture’s fashionable trends, they have uncritically embraced a form of pluralism that flies under the banner of “multiculturalism and diversity.” Because “multiculturalism and diversity” is malleable and adaptive to every religious belief system, it exploits Christian, even biblical, terminology, seducing many evangelicals to assume that it has the same objectives in view as the Christian faith and the gospel have. This essay focuses upon how evangelicals routinely abuse Scripture in their efforts to provide biblical support for their acceptance and practice of this form of pluralism under the seemingly innocuous category of “racial reconciliation” within society, within churches, within institutions, and within the work place.


Center for Cultural Leadership (website: http://web.me.com/pandrewsandlin/New_CCL_2/Resources.html)

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