Visual Outline Charts of the New Testament: Revised and Expanded

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Bashoor, Michael Scott. Visual Outline Charts of the New Testament: Revised and Expanded. El Cajon, CA: Southern California Seminary Press, 2020.



For readers of the New Testament, grasping the “big picture” is imperative for an accurate understanding of its message. Written by a working pastor and professor, this revised and expanded edition offers such overviews of each NT book through concise intros and outlines presented as simple and aesthetically pleasing charts. In addition to numerous contextual insights, reasons are provided for the author’s preferred outlined movements of the inspired text. A proven teaching aid in Bible colleges, seminaries, and local churches, VOCNT will help Bible students of all levels understand the complexity, unity, and interconnectedness of the New Testament.

VOCNT consists of seventy-two full-page, full-color displays of the structure and content of each New Testament book. Each chart uses gradations of colors to guide the eye from major headings of the book into detailed subsections. Each book is covered by one overview chart, and larger books are detailed with follow-up charts. Each lead chart contains a proposed purpose statement of the book and vital information such as authorship, date, recipients, and/or special circumstances. The appendix contains four charts on canonical order, chronological order, Pauline timelines, and an overview of Isaiah 53.

This revised and expanded paperback edition includes 20 new pages of explanatory text not available in the current digital edition (2016).


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